• Back On The Chain Gang, The Pretenders

    That song is for Audrey. The Little One.
    This blogg will be closed when you will hear and read this. You'll ask why ? (a question there...)
    I'd say that blogg was a project. A kind of artistic stuff. It was not finished. But now it is... so you have access. Feel free to read it, or not. Feel free to comment, or not. I will let my words dying.
    I know it's a strange way of thinking. Can you really expect less from your fav Tall Dark Stranger ? I often had to "dominate" myself and not send you that address. I remember when we talked about bloggs, via MSN. That was in 2004, and I'd just began this blogg. I asked you if you had one. You said "No", and that "according to what you know, I don't have one.". I didn't say nothing, letting you to believe that. Sorry about that one.
    I know and understand you will be frustrated not to have been able to follow all that from the begining, leave comments as sketches and so on !
    But take that as it is : a special present. This one is for you. Now that all this is finished.
    But just keep that between U and me, please.

    This looks like a testament. Yeah. I guess so. You know, autumn is there. Night is creeping in my mind and thoughts. Cold is everywhere.
    But I'm not dead. I'll live forever...

    Remember please. Keep that between U and me. It's important for me.

    CU, American Woman (being brat, here)   xxxoooxxx

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